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Stream Wise

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Water, Wildlife, Way of Life

Stream Wise is bringing neighbors together to protect and restore healthy waterways across the Lake Champlain basin.

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Become a Stream Steward

Landowners along rivers and streams can help safeguard drinking water, prevent pollution and protect vital land—all while creating their own oasis. Stream Wise engages streamside property owners in the Lake Champlain basin to enhance and protect vegetated stream buffers, increasing flood resiliency and benefiting water quality and natural habitat.

Do you think you have the best buffer in your neighborhood? Is your stream nice and shady? Stream Wise AWARDS and RECOGNIZES private landowners that maintain wide buffers of native plants along the sections of the rivers and streams that they own to foster stream health and resiliency throughout the Lake Champlain basin, in rural, suburban, and urban areas.

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If you own streamside property, ask about our FREE property assessment and awards program. Do you want to help protect and improve the streams and rivers in your community? Reach out to be connected to local volunteer opportunities with Stream Wise.

Lamoille County Conservation is proud to offer free Stream Wise evaluations and consultations to Lamoille county residents. As certified Stream Wise assessors we will evaluate any stream on your property and reward your stream stewardship and provide technical assistance for further steps you can take to help protect your land and our water.

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Stream Wise promotes best management practices to protect land, water and functional wildlife corridors.


Stream Wise is non-regulatory and completely voluntary. We award actions by streamside landowners to sustain healthy waterways.


Stream Wise is regionally responsive. We encourage private property owners to adopt and promote stream buffering protection and restoration practices.

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