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Standard Price | 10‐12” Rainbow Trout (Lot of 50)

May contain: animal, fish, sea life, and trout

Delivery – trout will be delivered by the trout farm anytime on the afternoons of May 1st or May 2nd. See detail section below for more information.



Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)

Habitat: Moderate-high-gradient cold-water streams with swift riffles and deep, clear pools. They are also well adapted to deep, cold-water lakes within certain temperature limits. They can tolerate warmer water (55-65 degrees F. is optimal) and tend to be somewhat hardier. The maximum tolerable water temperature is 77°F, but some populations may be able to withstand temperatures in the low eighties for short periods of time.

Orders of 10‐12” trout will be delivered by the trout farm anytime on the afternoons of May 3rd or May 4th. Price per lot includes delivery. We cannot schedule deliveries. A flag at the delivery site and/or an order confirmation will be left onsite. Please include directions to the best location to leave confirmation and specific directions from the nearest route to your pond with your order and payment. Addresses will be mapped via Google and GPS with other deliveries.

Split deliveries within one mile include a $30 additional charge. If you are splitting a lot between 2 locations as described, be sure to add Split Delivery to your cart.


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