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Our Custom School Programs

Children and their connection to nature is a major focus for Lamoille County Conservation District. As the leading environmental education organization in Lamoille County and the Lamoille Watershed, LCCD has a long history of working with various educational institutions to insure there will always be children in the woods and on the farms. Throughout the year, LCCD offers a variety of explorations, minds-on and hands-on discoveries, and opportunities to get muddy, wet, and be in the ultimate play station of nature.

LCCD staff provides education programs throughout the year with children and young adults from Pre-K to College on the importance of valuing, protecting, and conserving natural resources. Junior Naturalist Programs framed with VT Educational Standards are led throughout the local region in libraries, schools, or at Lamoille County Nature Center. The Conservation Education Programs Brochure outlines some of the programs we offer.

To assist teachers in their environmental lessons, LCCD has Educational Lending Kits, Resource Materials, and Curriculum Materials available for educators. The Watershed page also lists a number of materials available for educators to use.

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