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Lamoille River Watershed Initiative

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Organizations involved in the Lamoille Watershed Basin planning process recognized the need for watershed-wide implementation efforts in 2004. Lamoille County Conservation District took the lead by implementing the Lamoille Watershed Initiative which is dedicated to serving all parts of the watershed within and beyond the boundaries of Lamoille County. LCCD works to improve the health and vitality of the Lamoille River Watershed completing projects as below.

The Lamoille River Basin Plan provides the foundation for LCCDs Strategic Plan. The Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation’s (DEC) Basin Planning Process for the Lamoille River drainage area was completed in 2009.  Many of the action items were implemented by LCCD throughout the years.  The underlying objective of the Vermont Basin Planning Process is to protect the high quality surface waters of the basin and to restore those waters that do not meet the Vermont Water Quality Standards. DEC works in a collaborative with other state, federal, non-profit and volunteer organizations as well as local residents for input, funding, technical assistance, and public education for various water quality improvement projects identified through the watershed planning process. DEC is a major supporter for organizations like LCCD that plan, develop, and implement river corridor protection and restoration projects. In December, 2016, the new updated Lamoille River Tactical Basin Plan was adopted and is now available for use.

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