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Forest Detectives (4th-6th)

May contain: plant, vegetation, soil, grove, land, nature, outdoors, tree, woodland, face, head, person, photography, portrait, green, herbal, herbs, grass, park, leaf, jungle, clothing, footwear, shoe, shorts, hat, wilderness, boy, child, male, path, female, girl, rainforest, adventure, hiking, leisure activities, trail, yard, coat, rock, backyard, and pants

Hit the trail with LCNC’s educator to read clues to learn a forest’s history.

Then “read the rings” to discover a tree’s birthday and some clues to its history.

NGSS Alignment: 4-ESS2-1: ESS2.E; 5-LS2-1: LS2.A, LS2.B; 5-ESS3-1: ESS3.C; MS-LS2-4: LS2.C; MS-ESS2-2: ESS2.A;     

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