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Lamoille River Watershed Map Resources

VT ANR Map Atlas
Website allows viewers to create maps based on a variety of GIS layers that the viewer can chose.  VT ANR Natural Resources Atlas

Old Maps of New England – Beer’s Atlases
Free downloads of the 1800’s County and State Maps from Beers Atlases are available on website. The County Maps show all the roads, and principal villages in each town. The State Maps show principal roads and railroads only, and the outlines of every town. Both sets of maps are in full color, and are quite attractive. Excellent historical information for research projects.

A CD ROM reproduction of the 1878 “Atlas of the Counties of Lamoille and Orleans Vermont” The original atlas, an oversized book, was formed from surveys done by F.W. Beers & Co. Separate town maps list details from the historic town features such as buildings, farms and landmarks. This CD ROM is available to loan from LWA.

LCNCRD Black and White Watershed Map
Displays delineated watershed, political boundaries, and major tributaries. Free to download.


The Lamoille River Subbasin Map
The USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service for Vermont webpage provides access to The Lamoille River Subbasin Map. Displays sub-basin boundaries as well as political subdivisions, major roads and streams for major Vermont rivers. Free to download.


Lamoille River Watershed Water Classifications Map
Created by the Lamoille County Planning Commission for LCNRCD. Displays political boundaries and minor and major tributaries within the watershed. Free to download.