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Lamoille River Watershed Agriculture & River Resource Guide

directory-coverCreated by LCCD for educators, farmers, and citizens to provide information on Lamoille River’s cultural and natural history, resource concerns, and lesson plans on Phosphorus, Vermont Accepted Agricultural Practices, and Riparian Buffers. Power Point Presentations are also available as a complement to the guide. The most local guide to the history of and current concerns of the Lamoille Watershed. A must have for any science or environmental program.

The Lamoille River Watershed Agriculture & River Resource Guide was made possible with support from the Vermont Agency of Agriculture and the Morrisville Rotary Club. 

Section 1: Lamoille River History and Current Conditions (4.5 MB)
Section 2: Resource Pages (5.96 MB)
Section 3: Lesson Plan Compendium. To download each lesson plan, click on the specific plan as noted below:

Table of Contents and Credits

The Hydrologic Cycle Part 1

The Hydrologic Cycle Part 2  

What is a Watershed?   

How to Delineate a Watershed

Watershed Field Survey 101

Landscape Change Lesson Plan 

There is No Point to this Pollution!

Habitat Assessment 

Phosphorus Unit Part 1

Phosphorus Unit Part 2

Phosphorus Unit Part 3

Biological Measurements: What Can Aquatic Insects Tell Us About Stream Health?

Soil Testing and Texturing 

What Kind of Garden Would Grow in Our Schoolyard?

The Chemistry of Fertilizers/How to Read a Fertilizer Label

Wetland in a Pan

Eutrophication: The Aging of a Lake