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Tree and Trout Sale

Lamoille County Conservation District provides a service to our members and neighbors to purchase native trout and trees which also serves LCCD in its fundraising opportunities. Members receive discounted prices on trout and trees, first choice of tree species, discount trout, and timely reminders for the upcoming sale dates. Net income from these sales provide support for our education programs, grant writing, and conservation projects to the people in Lamoille County. The majority of Vermont NRCDs offer Conservation Tree Sales, some are larger than others. Please check the Vermont Association of Conservation Districts for a full listing.


Annual Trout Sale (Mid-May)

Spring 2020 Trout Order Form

LCCD is a provider of stocked trout through a state-approved hatchery during the Fall and Spring seasons. Through our sale, fingerlings, 6-8″, and 8-10″ trout are available for stocking conservation ponds. We offer “lots” of Rainbow trout for warm water pond environments and native Brook trout for cold pond environments. Small trout sizes are available for pick-up at a centrally located destination, Oxbow Park in Morrisville. Large trout sizes are available for delivery at no extra charge. For more information on stocking a pond with trout, visit the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Website for Pond Stocking Information.

 Orders Forms can be received by mail or dropped off at the USDA Service Center (orders cannot be taken by phone).


Annual Conservation Tree Sale (Mid-to Late April)

Spring 2020 Tree Order Form

Native trees and shrubs are available via our river restoration projects, as we purchase a large quantity of bare-root stock to plant along riverbanks. The prices vary to the bulk number of species ordering for projects. LCCD is a state approved nursery dealer to offer landowners native bare root trees and shrubs at a major discount. We select quality stock of native species for their survival adaptability in Lamoille’s hardiness zone, for wildlife forage and shelter, and genetic suitability for our region. For more information on different species, their distribution, nomenclature, and characteristics visit the USDA Plants Database for a full description.

Orders Forms can be received by mail or dropped off at the USDA Service Center (orders cannot be taken by phone).  The pick-up day is at the LCCD Office at the USDA Service Center in Morrisville, or at a coordinated pick up time scheduled with Kim. For those interested in purchasing large quantities of stock can receive a discount, please call ahead in January.