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Coming to a town near you this spring, florescent green banks along back roads! Lamoille County Conservation District continues to assist local municipalities by securing funds to purchase erosion control equipment that will be used by twelve towns in the region. LCCD was the first to initiate the cost-share program in 1999 by securing funds to purchase a Hydroseeder Unit for the towns of Morrisville, Cambridge, Elmore, Greensboro, Hardwick, Hyde Park, and Stowe. The project was to last five years. Now in its 17th year, LCCD secured $115,000 in grant funds to purchase a replacement unit for Lamoille, and two other units that will be used in Caledonia and Essex Counties. The Lamoille’s model program has been replicated across the state as Hydroseeders are a key strategy to stabilize soils and reduce sediment from entering waterways.

The Hydroseeder equipment sprays seed, paper mulch, water, and a tackifier that sticks the seed in place onto an exposed ditch, bank, or field. The seeds are encased in a nest of fibers that increases the rate of germination and establishment of vegetation a week faster than conventional hand seeding. The Vermont Better Backroads Manual recommends using Hydroseeders to reduce the amount of sediment directly entering rivers and streams, and also to reduce clogged catch basins, ditches, and culverts which require frequent cleaning. In addition to helping the environment, the units are cost-effective saving time, labor, and materials used with conventional road maintenance practices.

The Green Dye? The green dye is an additive to the mulch and is non-toxic, safe for animals, and assists the technician to know how much and where the seed is applied. For more information on these and other best management practices to protect water quality in our community, contact Lamoille County Conservation District at 888-9218 ext. 113.